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Mental Health Liaison

What is a Mental Health Liaison?


Mental Health Liaisons are school-based professionals who will coordinate the individual school-based mental health programs.
Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, as a result of funding from a local referendum, every school in Lake County now has a dedicated Mental Health Liaison. The Mental Health Liaison provides site-based support and assistance to school communities regarding best practices in mental wellness, identifying students at-risk for mental health challenges, and appropriately referring students with high/severe needs.
Primary roles and responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating school-based mental health services across all tiers of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework
  • Providing direct services with students, such as individual and group counseling
  • Participating in problem solving meetings for students at-risk for mental health challenges
  • Collaborating with district and school-based mental health professionals in the problem solving process in regards to mental health/wellness
  • Working with Lifestream and other community agencies to provide wraparound services to students when a higher level of care is needed
Professional Development
  • Providing school level professional development regarding mental wellness and  interventions
Crisis Intervention
  • Coordinating crisis intervention and prevention for the school community
Parent and Community Awareness
  • Building bridges with families and community agencies to build relationships and make connections to resources
  • Providing outreach to parents and community members regarding mental wellness and protective factors
Program Development
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring school procedures, in coordination with school-based leadership, to ensure compliance with district Mental Health Plan
  • Gathering data to help identify students in need of help and ensure program effectiveness

Mental Health Liaison

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